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What are cookies?

Cookies are data that the browser stores when you visit a website. They can be used to personalize your visits to our website, and also allow us to track affiliate activity. This is necessary for tracking sales, and visits to merchant websites, who may pay us a commission.

Are cookies safe?

Absolutely, they don’t store any personal data to identify you. We only use cookies for analytical purposes. We will never share any data with third parties.

How to Delete Cookies:

You may prevent your web browser from accepting cookies from websites. By default, they will collect the cookies, so you have manually change the settings to block the cookies.

Do note that when you change the setting, it affects how the browser works with all websites, not ours alone. For more information please visit and

If your browser is one of the following, visit the corresponding page to learn how to block cookies on it.

Internet Explorer:

Internet Explorer (mobile):








Cookies which we use:

Affiliate sales require the use of cookies, such as Cleverbridge cookies. It is also used for managing checkout sessions and to track a visit to the vendor’s website. Please have a look at the Cleverbridge privacy policy to see how the data is used.

To analyze traffic to our website, we may use Histats cookies. Please read the Histats privacy policy for more information.

What data do we collect:

We may collect data IP address to ensure that our website is safe for all users. We may use your visits to our website, to analyze data such as the pages you view, traffic, location, and communication information.

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